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Want To Reduce Your Energy Bills AND Become a Better Eco Citizen?

If you're planning to build a new home or do a major renovation of your current home, consider using passive solar design. You can conserve energy by using sunlight in your home's design to provide heat, lighting, and shade. Passive solar design can help you reduce your home's heating, cooling and lighting needs. Speak to your architect or builder about these tips:

Situate the side of your home with the most glazing facing south. You will maximize the solar heat and light entering your home because the south side gets the most sun. Make sure windows are insulated.

Use retractable window awnings, overhangs and landscaping to provide shade for your home during the sunniest months. You will reduce your cooling needs in summer while still letting in solar heat in the winter.

Design windows to maximize cross ventilation potential. There's no better cooling system than an evening summer breeze!







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