Spring Chore Advice From Tom Wengler of Wengler Home Maintenance
Miscellaneous tips from a guy who knows
CLEANING OUT GUTTERS-Using the force of air or water makes the job of cleaning out gutters a lot easier. A leaf blower forcing air down the length of the gutter or a hose with a spray nozzle on it can clear a tremendous amount of debris out of the gutter for you. Keep in mind having a stable ladder is important while holding on.

WATER RUN OFF AWAY FROM HOUSE-While cleaning out the debris in the gutters of our house, it is also very important to clear away any debris from the drain holes to the downspout both top and bottom. Having the water running freely out of the downspout and away from the house will prevent water backup, which can seep into your house through the foundation. Your roof collects a tremendous amount of water while it is raining or snowing so creating a clear path off the roof, down the downspout and away from your house is vital in preventing seepage into your house or basement.

CLEARING OFF LAWN DEBRIS-take a few minutes prior to mowing your lawn to pick up any sticks or twigs that may have fallen in your yard. This step can prevent your lawn mower blade from prematurely wearing down or getting your blade damaged beyond repair. This step can also prevent rips or tears to the inside of the grass bag causing you to buy a new one sooner than you want to.

WINDOW CLEANING TIP-Try using a squeegee with a cleaning solution liquid and a terry cloth towel on your next window cleaning project. Squeegees can be inexpensively purchased at most hardware stores, come in various length that can be interchanged with the handle and makes quicker work than the conventional paper towel method. By measuring the width of your windows that will determine the length of your squeegee rubber blade. Using a cleaning solution designed specifically with the use of a squeegee will prevent streaks while creating a longer lasting liquid than the spray bottle. Change the cleaning solution more frequently if the windows are very dirty. I think if you try this method on cleaning windows you will find it is a lot easier giving you better results along the way as well.





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